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Ask your wedding venue if there is sound restrictions? - This can really limit live music and the vibe you want, so definitely an important question to ask.

Power supply! - Make sure you check with your musicians if they require power (most will) and check that your set up locations have a power supply

Shelter - Any live musician or DJ has electrical equipment, this gear cannot get wet. Nor can it be in the hot sun with no shade for too long. Ask your musician about their set up but usually there will always need to be some time of shade from the sun at least or shelter in case of bad weather.

“It’s Too Loud!” - Think about your setting arrangements for your reception. Usually the band is tucked away in a back corner,  but it can be very loud if you are seated closest to the band or speakers. A great suggestion is to put your elderly guests away from the band and possible your ‘party people’ closest to the band. This means everyone is comfortable and can enjoy the night.

Run sheet - Feel free to run over your run sheet with your musicians, as sometimes they can assist in the best times to slot in formalities to make sure your night runs smoothly.

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