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  • Do we provide break music in between our sets?
    Yes we do, we have a range of Spotify playlists they we can choose from to suit the mood. We ensure that there are no awkward silences through out your day, so if we aren’t singing, there is always background music.
  • Can we make our own playlists for the break?
    Absolutely! If you love your music and you want to make some playlists for the breaks, we will get you to send them to us, we can download then and play them for you!
  • Do we need power supply?
    Absolutely, this is something that is super important and can really cause a hiccup if we are expected to set up and play without power.
  • How many set ups can we do?
    We need at allow at least 45-60mins to do a full pack down, relocate and set up. For this reason we will only do a maximum of 2 sets ups in a day (full day package).
  • What if we don’t know a particular song?
    If you have chosen a ‘key moment’ song (aisle, first dance etc) and we do not know it, we will happily learn one song as a part of all our packages. We do require that song to be given to us at least a month before the wedding date. Any other songs can we downloaded and played on Spotify. You can also go through our song list and choose songs from there also, this ensures that we already do know it.
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