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This is a booking agreement between

The Artist 'Manū Music' and the Client

   For Valuable consideration, the client agrees to the following: 

  1. No dates will be held or locked in until the deposit is received by Manū Music.

  2. Once this deposit is received, it is non-refundable.

  3. All remaining money must be paid week before the day of the wedding or event. 

  4. Manu Music has the right to replace any artist with someone from the Manu Music team, if the original artist booked cannot attend for any reason.  All bookings are subject to availability. 

  5. Power must be supplied by the venue & within reasonable distance. We do offer a battery powered option for ceremony only.

  6. A suitable area (reasonably flat) with shade or shelter, to protect against rain or harsh sun must be provided. No electrical equipment will be set up if there is any chance it may get wet.

  7. There is a maximum of 2 set ups for P.A. equipment per day. (If you require more, please discuss this prior to making booking)

  8. A minimum of 45 minutes is required between set ups. (If there is minimal distance between locations)

  9. Meals & drinks must be provided per person, booked to perform.

  10. Any photos or footage taken by Manū Music throughout the day/night, are allowed to be shared on all social media platforms for promotion. If you do not want this, please advise.

  11. Any SPECIAL SONGS (Aisle, First Dance) you want performed LIVE by Manū Music, MUST BE finalised, and confirmed at least 30 days prior to wedding date. (Any songs you want played through Spotify can be confirmed a week before.)

  12. As part of the packages, the artist will LEARN ONE SPECIAL SONG per wedding if they do not already know it. As long as it has been confirmed 30 days prior. Any other special songs that they do not know, will be played through Spotify.

  13. If the artist does not feel they can do the song justice (meaning confidently perform it to the standard expected) you will be notified ASAP, and we will play the original song for you through Spotify.

  14. Feel free to choose 5-10 favourite artists, so Manū Music can incorporate songs from those artists through the night.

  15. 2 hours return travel is included in the package prices (based on a return trip from Pimpama), any extra travel is charged at $100 per hour. Also, any extra travel costs must be covered by client (Ferries etc).

  16. Any interstate or international bookings, all travel and accommodation must be covered by the client.

  17. If the artist is required to stay overnight, an additional fee of $400 is required.

  18. Jade Manū will be the main contact. All communication and wedding details will be kept in writing, through the Booking Form, Booking Agreement, and emails for any further communication. This ensures no mix ups from either end. Please avoid making last minute changes via text. 

  19. All final details, (run sheet etc) must be provided no later than 7 days before wedding date.

  20. After the Deposit has been paid, no more monies are to be paid until the week of the wedding. Please do not pay this earlier.

  21. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, which means if you cancel your wedding, you forfeit your deposit. If you need to change the date and we are not available, nor can we provide an artist from our team, you will forfeit your deposit. 

Thank you for reading the terms and contidions! Please close this window and proceed to accept and submit the Initial Booking Form.

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